How do I send in my clubs?

It is incredibly easy to use Clubs for Charity. Simply gather your clubs you don’t want or need anymore and use our convenient page to identify what you are gifting. Print a packing slip that we provide for you, along with your pre-paid FedEx label. Tape it up nicely and call FedEx and they will pick them up for you.

Does the condition of the clubs I’m donating matter?

Yes and No – The condition of the clubs is used in determining the donation value. There is some value to all clubs – send them in and see how they are valuated!

What happens to the clubs after I send them in?

The clubs will be received by our partner 2nd Swing Golf and evaluated and given a cash value. That amount will be totaled and sent to Caddy For A Cure for distribution to the charity that you selected. We feel strongly that 2nd Swing Golf will give the highest value possible for your old and unused clubs, enabling you to make the highest donation possible.

I don’t see my charity of choice on your site, can I still designate them to receive the value of my clubs?

Yes! The charities listed on the homepage of our site are merely some suggested charities that we have dealt with over the years and love what they do. There are so many incredibly good works out there – we have created this site and initiative to allow you to give to any charity you would like. 

Will I get a tax receipt for my records once the transaction is complete?

Yes! Once we receive the value back from 2nd Swing you will receive a tax receipt from Caddy For A Cure, along with the confirmation that your gift was sent to the designated charity you requested on your behalf.