The Caddy For A Cure initiative has been about assisting since its origin in 2003. While being originally touched by a rare bone marrow disorder called Fanconi anemia, Caddy For A Cure has assisted literally hundreds of other charities during its history.

Caddy For A Cure created “Clubs for Charity” as another way to assist more people and needs. By partnering with 2nd Swing Golf, this unique and innovative service offered by Caddy For A Cure allows the golfer with way too many old clubs lying around to put those clubs to better use than ever before by donating them to the charity of their choice.

The clubs will be given a value and that dollar amount will go to the charity of your choice along with Caddy For A Cure. What a brilliant idea and way for you to rid yourself of your unused golf clutter at home!

The Caddy For A Cure program is an opportunity for everyone to win. It’s a unique blend of professional golf, golf fans, business and charity. Professional golf and its players have long been committed to bringing golf closer to its fans and to ‘giving back’ from the sport, while golf fans are constantly looking for ways to get closer to the sport and its players. Professional golf and its well deserved positive brand image has long appealed to businesses for its ability to reach targeted customers while offering association with a prestigious sport and brand. But perhaps the biggest winners in the equation are the multiple charities for whom funds are raised.