2nd Swing Golf originated in 2007 after a small team of individuals set out to buy, sell, and trade golf clubs. An online store at 2nd Swing.com was opened along with two stores in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis and Minnetonka). While the industry has changed plenty since 2007, our mission has not. We strive to provide the best possible experience for golfers through excellent customer service, the largest selection of new and pre-swung golf clubs, award-winning custom fitting services, and the highest trade-in values in golf.

Since 2007, we have since expanded to three different markets in the United States. We opened a store in Scottsdale, Arizona in February 2015 to work with the devoted golf community in Arizona. Then in 2017, we opened a location in Wilmington, Delaware to serve the greater Philadelphia area. Most recently, in the spring of 2019, we opened our store in Columbia, Maryland to serve golfers in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area.

As a company, our goal is to exceed customer expectations. Our staff is constantly completing new training and certification courses in order to provide customers with unmatched knowledge and friendly service. In addition, we offer customer-centric services such as a 30-day play guarantee, free custom fittings with any purchase, and the opportunity to trade in old clubs at the highest trade-in values in the industry.

In total, our inventory exceeds 80,000 new and pre-swung golf clubs that are housed throughout our five store locations and our distribution center in the Twin Cities. Among our inventory is every club manufacturer imaginable, past and present, to ensure that our customers will find what they are looking for.

Our award-winning custom fitting services help hundreds of customers every day. Overall, a minority of golfers have ever been custom fit for their current equipment, which means a majority of players are using golf clubs that do not fit their swings. Our exceptional staff of certified club fitters can help you lower scores with a custom fitting for free with any purchase.

Every customer represents an opportunity for us to share our mission, which is to provide golfers with the best possible experience and, ultimately, help them play better golf. Through our wide array of services, we feel that we offer something for everyone.

2nd Swing is proud to join Caddy For A Cure in supporting the mission of Clubs For Charity. We feel our trade-in services offer a great opportunity for people to donate to a charity of their choosing. All you have to do is donate the golf clubs you no longer use to assist your favorite charity and make a world of difference to someone who needs the help.

Our simple, quick, and easy trade-in process makes it easier than you imagined to support a cause meaningful to you. Donate today!

Learn more about 2nd Swing here: at 2ndswing.com